Dear colleagues,


            It was a great honor to welcome you to Lyon for the 6th Workshop on Peritoneal Surface Malignancy. Following the consensus meeting in Milano in 2006, we have moved from consensus to clinical integration.

The program has included topics on:

            - Colorectal and gastric cancer with peritoneal carcinomatosis

            - Ovarian cancer with peritoneal carcinomatosis

            - Rare peritoneal tumors

            - Anaesthesiology and intensive care

            - Future trial design

- Large multicentric registration

- a session has been dedicated to nurses

Since we will have author's authorization to upload on the website, you will find the presentations of our colleagues in the Workshop Program Topic, as documents enclosed to their sessions that you can download.

        Lyon,  the second largest city in France is located between northern and southern Europe and acts as a crossroads between these two regions. Flowing through the heart of the city and coming together just south of the city center are its two rivers, the Rhône and the Saône.An ancient Roman hub of commerce, the ruins of an ancient amphitheater are still visible today atop the hill which, with the Fourvière basilica, overlooks the rhône valley and provides a splendid view of the french Alps.Lyon is famous for its hearty cuisine, its winding medieval streets and its proximity to other European capitals.

            Lyon University includes the biggest French medical university complex with more than 12 000 students, 50 institutions devoted to medical sciences. Among these intitution are 3 European specialist institutes (the"genopole" devoted to genomics, the "canceropole" devoted to cancer research and the "biopole"devoted to infectious diseases) as well as 4 European research networks devoted to cancer, organ transplantation, vaccinology and neurosciences).

            The whole organizing committee has done its best to ensure you a pleasant stay in Lyon and to reserve enough free time for you to take advantage of all the wonderful things Lyon has to offer.

The 6th International Workshop on Peritoneal surface malignancy has been a deep success and we hope you have enjoy your stay in Lyon.



With best regards,     


F.N. Gilly


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